A week ago who would have thought that we’d be plunged into a snap lockdown and that when we left school on Tuesday afternoon the next time we’d talk would be on zoom!

But here we are!

The Pukeokahu Kids have taken to this latest Lockdown with their usual cool, calm and collected manner and are just getting on with things! We had one day ‘off’ home learning to collect our thoughts then on lockdown day 2 we were into it with our daily zoom call and online learning programme underway.

The daily zoom gives us all an opportunity to connect and keep in touch. We do some Go Noodle together then fill the remainder of our time with some chat out home life, activities we’ve been doing and today we even got a house tour which is set to feature daily (some of us requested some time to ensure our home was ‘tour ready’).

Below is some writing done for home learning by Luca. I hope to share some more in the coming days.

Animal Town

I arrived just as an ordinary tourist, there were about 10 to 15 people on the tour. We were having a tour around Animal Town. It Is well known for its animal species. Now that’s enough information let’s get onto the story. It started on the tour bus. I suddenly got starving. I asked the tour guide if he could stop at the next Cafe. I got out without looking. He drove off. What I saw was incredible, I saw that some creatures had the same idea for getting lunch. I felt surprised and extremely hungry. I could smell the juicy burger the bear was eating. I swear I could taste it as well. I could hear the birds singing in the bear burping. I was so hungry the creatures looked harmless so I tried to scoot past the lion but in one gulp I was in the lion’s tummy but at least it was a burger in there. the end 

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