We did it! Pukeokahu has now become a Bronze Level Enviroschool

When we got our bronze enviroschool award most of the community came and participated in the day. They came to see if we had done enough to achieve the bronze award. Rickon’s dad loved going down in the wilderness as some of the parents had helped plant it when they were at Pukeokahu School. We gave speeches to explain what we had done with the worm farm, vegetable garden, wilderness, pool, as well as native tree planting at school and River Valley Lodge. We explained about the pest traps and tracking tunnels. We had painted a river and everyone (including the adults) wrote on water drops about the things we had done as well as what they thought our next steps should be.. They were put into the five guiding streams/principles for enviroschools.

It was a really good day. Thank you Ron, Rowena and Emily

Keeva, Luca, Hunter, Mikaire, Rickon.

Productive Knitters

This photo won a prize from ‘The Sheep’s Back’ company. They felt it showed multi-tasking as the girls were knitting as well as doing their reading – listening to the story before doing the follow up work.

This photo will be used for marketing their product including, featuring on The Sheep’s Back website, and in promoting the Knitting in Schools campaign.



This term we have been learning about coding. Botley has been helping us.

We met Botley earlier this term. First we started practising coding using obstacles, barriers and commands. Now we can make Botley do all kinds of things. Isla

We used coding cards to help us with coding the instructions. He also makes noises when he is going and when you click the sound button. Keeva

We learnt how to use his black line tracks. He gets dizzy when he goes in circles. If you forget to tuen him off he makes a noise. Mikaire

We know how to design an obstacle course. Luca

Botley is funny. He makes silly noises when he is moving.Hunter

Botley is the best. Rickon

Rickon and Hunter’s turn to cook lunch for us

Rickon and Hunter are cooking lunch. We are making stuffed baked potatoes and Eton Mess for dessert.  First we washed the potatoes and then cooked them in the oven. When they were cooked we cut them in half, scooped the potato out, mashed it with milk, butter and cheese and stuffed the potato skins. Then we put some bacon on top and put them back in the oven.

For dessert we whipped some cream and put it in glasses with strawberries and meringues and topped them with sprinkles. 

Lunch was delicious.

Rickon and Hunter.  

Making bees wax wraps

All photographs remain the property of Pukeokahu School. Photos by Isla.

Tuesday afternoon Kylie (Rickon’s mum) came to teach us how to make beautiful bees wax wraps (a substitute for plastic wrap to put around our lunches). It was fun and it smelt like honey. When Kylie came she had a heap of extra fabric and might come back so we can make some more.

The class

Cooking with Keeva and Luca

All photographs remain the property of Pukeokahu School

Yesterday the 18 of the 9th   2019. Keeva and I made lunch🥪 for everyone at school. We made wraps for our main course, and fresh fruit salad for our dessert with whipped cream and strawberry chocolate dip. I know what you are thinking yum. The fruit salad was way better than the wraps the wraps were still yum. Just not as the fruit salad. Everyone likes the idea of the whipped cream and strawberry chocolate dip.
  by LUCA !!!😈   

Skiing 2019

All photographs remain the property of Pukeokahu School

The best part, when I went up the mountain, was I learnt how to ski in TWO days. I had one more day up there as well. Luca

On the 9th of the 9th of 2019 the school went up the mountain.  Dad, Mum, Isla, and I went up to the top of the mountain on the first.day and it was so, much fun. It was also fun sleeping in the hut with the others. Keeva   

At the beginning of the week (9/9/19) we drove to Whakapapa ski field. When we arrived we had to walk up a pretty steep hill to get to where we were staying. As soon as we were all settled in it was time to hit the slopes. All of the kids had lessons – even the Principle had one! (she didn’t get far!). We had three epic days of skiing, and each day we got epic dinners, and breakfasts too!  Our family even did a really hard black run! When we got home I was exhausted!

P.S Thank you Rotorua Ski Hut staff! Isla

When the school went skiing I went down the Rangitira and I crashed once. I loved staying in the hut because it was warm and super nice. Hunter

I loved skiing. I fell down heaps. Rickon

I liked it when we were learning to go up the hill sideways. I fell down a lot. Mikaire