Pet Day 2017

Pet Day is fun, although the animals pee and poop everywhere. They did cool tricks and we lead our pets around to get judged. Kawana and Bayden.

On Pet Day I took Tome and Isla took Kate. I dressed up Tome up in a devil outfit and Isla dressed Kate up as a Queen. I won best groomed with Tome. Isla

On craft day we put a glass in a old gum boot and we arranged flowers to put in the glass in the gum boot,. Next we did our sand garden. We used lots of decorations from home, and decorated the whole sand garden until there was not much sand showing in the silver tray. After that we decorated the cup cake and put icing on top with lots of delicious colours. Next we put on sparkles and decorations like chocolate chunks. Then we did the confectionary necklace by using  lollies and icing instead of using a glue gun or pva glue.  We also did a vegetable and fruit animal creation, we had to use tooth picks to stand the vegetable or fruit up. Then we did the unusual flower arrangement with all sorts of weird things to place the flowers inside. 

The next day was Pet day. There were lambs, dogs, puppies,  a chicken and a calf. First the lambs went and the competitions were, hungriest, best calling, best led, best name. Then the dogs had their turn. They had, best led, best name, most obedient, best groomed, and calling. After that was most unusual pet, and the chicken won. After all of the pets were done we had best dressed pet, and best tricks. Once the competitions were over there were parents vs children challenge and races. Before the challenges we had a sausage sizzle and then we ate our lollies and cup cakes. It was YUMMY! Then we packed up and went home to relax. Tiana, Isla and Tor  


The Vegetable Garden


Today we did some gardening. First we pulled out the weeds, then we turned over the soil. We have decided we would have strawberries, rainbow silverbeet, carrots, tomatoes and beetroot.

Hopefully we will get to eat the strawberries before the birds get there.







On October the 20th we drew up a plan on the little whiteboard of what we are going to plant in our school garden. Then we went outside and started to pull out all the bad weeds growing in our special garden – Tiana and I did that. Then we turned the soil over with two gardening forks and a shovel. Kawana and Bayden worked on the snow pea pots. After that we started to clean up another part of our garden. Keeva and Tor did a part and Tiana and Pippa did a part. Then I had to put away the worm gloves and put the small gardening fork back in Mrs Gilbert’s car. I am excited about planting all  the vegetables we decided on.      Isla



Today, which is the nineteenth of October, we went outside and did some gardening. Three of us had gloves on, including Mrs Gilbert. Every one had to dig up the garden. We pulled out the weeds and mixed up all the soil. We had to use a gardening fork to mash up the big chunks of soil. Kawana, and Pippi pulled some weeds out behind the bushes. Bayden pulled out some weeds from three gardens.        Tor, Pippa and Tiana


Yesterday  I pulled a big weed out. I also flattened  the dirt. My favourite plant is yummy strawberries.       Keeva            


Watch out for part 2 next week.

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Champion Readers

During terms 2 and 3 we had a winter reading challenge. The children had to read as many books as they could at school and home and then complete set activities. Isla won the challenge, closely followed by Tiana and Bayden.


Paora Winitana

Today a very important person came to our school. His name is Paora Winitana and he played basketball for New Zealand at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. He is 6ft 4in tall. His youngest brother came too.

Paora talked about his family and growing up in a small community. He faced a lot of challenges in his life and spoke about how he overcame them.

He talked to us about always setting a goal and he gave us the challenge to make our own goals for when we grow up. He is inspired about always having a challenge ahead that he wants to achieve.

He believes that having good friends is the first step to achieving these goals so everyone should choose their friends wisely.

To be continued….


Today we talked about being a good friend, being kind to each other, being confident, positive, and learning to understand one another.  We looked at our school values and how they encourage us to be a good friend and show friendship, respect and honesty.

We each had to put down three friendship steps that will help us be a good friend.


Day Four

IMG_0299We went to a park and met up with a man named Keith. Then we all grabbed a tray and a clipboard that had a piece of paper in it. The piece of paper had sea animals on it and we had to tick off the sea animals that we found. I went with Pippa. Pippa and I were the only ones who found a Rock Fish. I found a huge, colourful crab, we tried to get it out by, splashing water on the crab, but it did not work.

After that we walked to a Fish & Chip shop that was near Chaddy’s Charter and ordered some fish and chips. The fish and chips were really, really, nice.

IMG_0302Once everyone had finished their fish and chips we went to Chaddy’s Charters. Dave gave everyone a life jacket, then we all hopped on board. Dave said, “It feels like you’re on a train.”

Then we set sail, it was cool because there was a fishing line that you could chuck out and go fishing. On one part we caught a fish but then some how it unhooked itself. We went around an island and saw a whole bunch of seals  and we saw a seal swimming in the water. I was scared a seal was going to jump up and get me. After we went around that Island we went to go to another Island, but then it started raining, so we went back to Chaddy’s Charters. I found a machine that could turn one cent coins into a cool coin, that had a seal on it, everyone got one.

Then everyone ran to their cars and went to Puke Ariki. When we got there, there was a pieces of paper and a pencil at the counter so I grabbed a piece of paper and went down some stairs and went into a art gallery. We had to write down the artists names. Once we were done we had to go to the lady in the art room and check if it is correct and then go to the counter and get our badge. Tor and I did all of it together.  


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Day Three

On Tuesday we went to Puke Ariki. We met Anne and she showed us around the museum. We learned about all the water birds. Anne also told us how Mount Taranaki was formed. Going up the glass elevator was fun.

After our picnic lunch we went to the Aquatic Centre for a swim. We went the deepest part and swam there, played on the boats, swung on the ropes and cannonballed into the pool. Then they turned on the wave machine. It was like the big waves on the sea. It was amazing fun. We finished with a scavenger hunt by the sea.

By Tor and Keeva

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School

Day Two on Camp

On the second day of school camp the school went to Moturoa school. We got told that there was 104 children at the school! A boy called Anaru told us about their plants around some of the school and showed us where they do their propagation. After that we got onto a bus and drove to the port where the Navy ship, the Endeavour, was berthed. We went to the engine room, the bridge, saw the guns, we tied knots and then we played with the fire hose. We enjoyed all of that.

Pippa and Isla

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New Plymouth School Camp

On the first day of our awesome school camp, we went to Tawhiti Museum. We went into a cave on a boat trip and Kawana got shot by a cannon in the eyeball. After the boat ride we saw some old fashioned tractors. 

We saw a pistol. It was all rusty.IMG_2771

There was a really cool motor bike.  It was a Harley Davidson.IMG_2756

The kids cooked tea for our first night – nachos. Yum.IMG_0083

Photos and story by Bayden and Kawana

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School



We made dioramas a little while ago for Mrs Gilbert’s reading work. My diorama was based on the story Finnigan and the Pirates. The writer is Sherryl Jordan. I chose this book because Finnigan likes to dance like me! This is how you make a diorama.

  1. Get a shoe box and choose some paint.
  2. Start to paint your shoe box with the colours you chose.
  3. Let it dry for a little while.
  4. Now you can start making your characters and scenery. Draw them or print the characters. Don’t forget to colour them in before you cut them.
  5. Cut them out and make sure there is room at the bottom of them so you can apply glue
  6.      6 .Glue them to your diorama and push them down for 60 seconds.
  1. You are finished!



We made dioramas out of shoe boxes. They were made from books we had read. We painted them colors. I did mine green and a peachy colour with a cloud. I had two trees in it. My book was Aristotle. It was by Dick King-Smith and the illustrator was Bob Graham.  I like this book because it is cool.



We made an Amazing Diorama and I did mine on the Bad Guys. The author and illustrator is Aaron Blabey.  I chose this book because It is very funny . My scene is the bit when they were trying to get into the building.




The book I did my diorama on is The Little Angel Lily Gets Her Wings. This book was written by Elizabeth Pulford. I chose this book because Lily is looking for her  wings and  to have a good adventure.

Into my diorama I put two bushes, a Ginormous sun, a house, a tree, a statue of Mr Percy and Lily who is wearing fake wings and she is looking for her own wings.

By Victoria


I did a diorama.The book was Geronimo Stilton:the Red Bandit bY Geronimo Stilton.  I chose this book because it is very, very, very, funny (well at least this one!)  

I did it on the part where he nearly falls off the cliff.  

To do it I needed some P.V.A glue,a shoe box, white card, felts and paint and be careful with the scissors!  

First you paint your shoe box and then you make your character(s) then colour them in.  

Next you cut them out and put them in your shoe box.  



I made my diorama on The Bad Guys 5 by Aaron Blabey. I did mine about the front cover because it has all the characters on it. My scenery is yellow like the cover is yellow.

Everyone else made one too.

By Pippa



We made  dioramas. I chose How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel. This book is written by Cressida Cowell. I chose this book because it is a very interesting book.  How did we make the dioramas?

Step 1: First find a shoe box at home.

Step 2: Then find a book that you would like to do your diorama about and decide which scene.

Step 3: Then paint the background. Leave it to dry overnight.

Step 4: Once it is dry then you can draw your characters and scenery.

Step 5: Get a piece of cardboard and draw your characters on it. After you have drawn them you cut them out.

Step 6: Get PVA glue and put some glue on the pictures that you drew, then stick the pictures where you want them to go and then go onto your computer or your ipad, then go onto Google docs and write, who wrote the book? What is it called?  After you have printed it out glue it on the top of your diorama and then you are all done  ready to present.



All photos are the property of Pukeokahu School.