iBike 2017


Early Sunday morning, some of us went to the very exciting, but cold, iBike for Kids. There were a lot of other kids there and they were shoving through the line and pushing Isla and Tor’s bikes.

When it was our turn to race, we got cold waiting at the start. Once it started we raced as fast as we could. Someone’s chain fell off and Bayden had to skid to the side.

Tor went a few of metres and then crashed into a couple of other bikes.

Isla was ahead of the Pukeokahu kids at the start but then Tor zoomed past and Isla didn’t see her throughout the whole race.


Some of us got spot prizes. It was fun.

Written by Isla, Tor, Bayden, Keeva, Pippa

Photos by Jen and Janey.


River Valley Sleepover


Our local River Valley Lodge at Pukeokahu very generously let us stay for a one night sleepover during the school week. Look at us enjoying a warm spa at the Lodge. It is hard work, as you can see!



VERY wet weather prevented us from our stream study because the normally sedate, picturesque Rangitikei River became a raging torrent…..



However, that didn’t stop us having the traditional sausages, with copious dollops of tomato sauce.


Thank you, River Valley Lodge!!

Our new table and chairs

On the last day of term Mr Blakiston came and built our new table and seats for the pool area. We all had a try at hammering the slats in place. ‘No fingers were harmed in the making of this furniture’.

Now we just have to wait until next summer.

Later that day we got creative and made some yummy treats for Easter. What a great way to end the term.


Luca’s Farewell

Yesterday we were very sad to have a farewell for Luca. At lunch time parents came with delicious party food so we could have a shared lunch. Luca’s mother, grandmother, great grandmother and aunt came along too. Luca’s mother made a scrumptious chocolate cake with ‘exploding’ gooey  Easter eggs on top. We are very sad that Luca is leaving and we will miss her because she makes us laugh with her crazy karate chopping, her jokes, her positive attitude and her smile.

Good luck at your new school Luca. We will miss you and we hope you make lots of new friends and have fun. Don’t forget to come back and visit……

Rafting Trip

It  was fun in the rapids. We went swimming. There was also two big rapids that we had to hop off the raft.  When we hopped out of the raft it was a little while until we went swimming. I had so much fun.   We all had burger for dinner. We had roasted marshmallows. In the night we played Chubby Bunny. I won Chubby Bunny. I slept with my mum. My favourite bit was everything. By PippaDSCF6552

We had a funny toilet. We played Chubby Bunny. We swam in the river. We went on the raft through the rapids. My favourite bit was the rapids because it was bumpy on the rafts. I had so much fun. It was fun when we made some huts and Courtney made a hut for Keeva. We even made huts for our own teddies and we made a pretend spa. We brushed our teeth by the river. The water was really fresh.   By Luca


On Thursday all seven children went on a rafting trip  I was going down the big current and I nearly went down the other way. I also had a wiggly tooth and I wondered if my tooth would fall out. I had so much fun. I wish I could do it again and I will.   Keeva  


On Thursday we went on a school camp. We went there on a raft. When we got there we made a hut.

Afterwards we  went swimming in a rapid.

At 5:30 We brushed our teeth in the river. We used our imagination to make restaurants and houses for everybody. Everybody liked it. The whole school slept in cosy tents. I don’t think it could be any better. Four cheers for River Valley! Mrs Casey said that if it wasn’t for  River Valley we would have paid thousands of dollars for the trip. By Bayden


On  Thursday  the school was going to have a school camp. First we put the wetsuits on. Then we walked down  to the raft. We hopped in the raft and we were off. Max  took  all the luggage. He got a reward. It  was a marshmallow. When  we got there, we set up the tents. Then we got to have a swim. We went down the rapids and the strong current took us around back to shore. It was fun when we got splashed by the fast water. Janey and Brian were the lifeguards if we floated down the river. When Mrs Casey went down the river, my mum helped her when she got caught in a current. Janey threw her rope out to rescue Mrs Casey.  Victoria


One  Thursday Lochie, Pippa, Luca, Keeva, Bayden, Tor, Mrs Casey, my mum Janey, my grandad, Kaysanne, Jenny, Courtney, Craig, Max, and I went rafting. It was epic. The ice cold water splashed on my face and everyone else’s. The raft got stuck at the start but luckily my mum, grandad and Max pulled them free. Tor and I opened our mouths and got water in them. It was fun! We also hopped in and out of the rafts. Keeva and I floated down the shallow rapid. When we got there, we set up the tents and put down the bed rolls. Then we laid out our sleeping bags. Afterwards we went for a swim in the cool current by the campsite. While that was happening my grandad set up the funny toilet. Then we built huts and used our imagination and pretended that it was a hotel and started to calm down. We had a delicious dinner. The kids and Mrs Casey played chubby bunny.  After that we found sticks to roast gooey, ooey,  sticky marshmallows on the lava-hot campfire.  We roasted a lot of gooey marshmallows.  Afterwards, the kids brushed their teeth in the warmish river. Lochie was funny when he brushed his teeth. When the kids went to bed in the tents, the adults talked and  talked.  Once it got dark  the adults went to bed too.  

In the morning Tor and I got up first. We waited for grandad to get up and make breakfast, but my mum did it before grandad could. It was delicious!! We had muesli and greek yogurt. We also had sizzling eggs and bacon too!!! After that we went back to the huts and played some more until we had another swim before we left. All of us started to pack away all of the equipment and tents. We all wanted to stay there longer. Everyone got in the rafts and clipped up our helmets and life jackets. Then we set sail for Tarata. Luca wanted to be in the front, so she did. Tor and I still opened our mouths. The rafts bumpty-bumped into a cliff side. It was epic!!! The kids hopped back in the water. I could almost touch the stony, rocky bottom. Jenny usually pulled me up out of the water and into the raft. It took about 45 minutes from overnight camp to Tarata. My mum, Janey, pulled up the school raft that all the school kids and Mrs Casey were on. My grandad Brian pulled up the raft with little Lochie in it. We all had to walk up the big hill. It took almost an hour to walk up the hill!!!!! Then we all got changed out of our cold wetsuits and life jackets and had some lunch. Then we got in the bus and drove off. By Isla