The year has started with a hiss and roar. Apologies for taking this long to provide an update!

We have started the year with some strong roll growth and currently have 8 lovely students attending our school. A big welcome to Charlie (10) and to Te Rau (8) and brother Te Awa (5) who have all recently started with us this term. We are also looking forward to welcoming three more students in the coming months. We will introduce them as they arrive.

Over the holidays there were a few property projects on the go. We have a full repaint of the buildings which has really spruced the place up a bit. We also had the long awaited construction of an outdoor learning space. This space has been great during the hot days and once the curtain sides are installed will be awesome in the winter too. It means our younger learners can get outside in all weather and work on their building and painting projects. Unfortunately we were unable to get the pool up and running this season due to some water quality, then quantity issues. This has been rectified now and we look forward to getting our pool back up and going next summer. Thankfully we have still been able to cool off in the afternoons as the Bryants have generously offered use of their pool.

Speaking of water……

We kicked off our school year with the annual trip down the river. As always a huge mihi goes to River Valley for their support of our trip and for making it as fun as always. We had some amazing weather for it and huge whānau support. Some photos of our trip are posted below.

Our focus for this year is Hauora (Health / Wellbeing) and this term we are learning about water health. The first piece of learning we have worked on is about the water cycle. Check out Facebook soon for some videos that demonstrate our learning. Following on from this we plan to explore our local water sources and study their health. Watch this space.

In other news the girls, Keeva and Luca, have started their visits to PTP (Primary Technology Programme) at TAS for this term. Both girls are doing Food Technology and enjoying it so far. We also continue our swimming lesson in Taihape once a week.

Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions there have been several cancellations of events including Athletics and the Weetbix Tryathlon. This is hugely disappointing for those of us who enjoy sport, however at present we all understand why these events cannot go ahead.

That’s all for this update…..until next time….

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