IMG_0299We went to a park and met up with a man named Keith. Then we all grabbed a tray and a clipboard that had a piece of paper in it. The piece of paper had sea animals on it and we had to tick off the sea animals that we found. I went with Pippa. Pippa and I were the only ones who found a Rock Fish. I found a huge, colourful crab, we tried to get it out by, splashing water on the crab, but it did not work.

After that we walked to a Fish & Chip shop that was near Chaddy’s Charter and ordered some fish and chips. The fish and chips were really, really, nice.

IMG_0302Once everyone had finished their fish and chips we went to Chaddy’s Charters. Dave gave everyone a life jacket, then we all hopped on board. Dave said, “It feels like you’re on a train.”

Then we set sail, it was cool because there was a fishing line that you could chuck out and go fishing. On one part we caught a fish but then some how it unhooked itself. We went around an island and saw a whole bunch of seals  and we saw a seal swimming in the water. I was scared a seal was going to jump up and get me. After we went around that Island we went to go to another Island, but then it started raining, so we went back to Chaddy’s Charters. I found a machine that could turn one cent coins into a cool coin, that had a seal on it, everyone got one.

Then everyone ran to their cars and went to Puke Ariki. When we got there, there was a pieces of paper and a pencil at the counter so I grabbed a piece of paper and went down some stairs and went into a art gallery. We had to write down the artists names. Once we were done we had to go to the lady in the art room and check if it is correct and then go to the counter and get our badge. Tor and I did all of it together.  


All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School

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