iBike 2017


Early Sunday morning, some of us went to the very exciting, but cold, iBike for Kids. There were a lot of other kids there and they were shoving through the line and pushing Isla and Tor’s bikes.

When it was our turn to race, we got cold waiting at the start. Once it started we raced as fast as we could. Someone’s chain fell off and Bayden had to skid to the side.

Tor went a few of metres and then crashed into a couple of other bikes.

Isla was ahead of the Pukeokahu kids at the start but then Tor zoomed past and Isla didn’t see her throughout the whole race.


Some of us got spot prizes. It was fun.

Written by Isla, Tor, Bayden, Keeva, Pippa

Photos by Jen and Janey.


Our new table and chairs

On the last day of term Mr Blakiston came and built our new table and seats for the pool area. We all had a try at hammering the slats in place. ‘No fingers were harmed in the making of this furniture’.

Now we just have to wait until next summer.

Later that day we got creative and made some yummy treats for Easter. What a great way to end the term.


Luca’s Farewell

Yesterday we were very sad to have a farewell for Luca. At lunch time parents came with delicious party food so we could have a shared lunch. Luca’s mother, grandmother, great grandmother and aunt came along too. Luca’s mother made a scrumptious chocolate cake with ‘exploding’ gooey ¬†Easter eggs on top. We are very sad that Luca is leaving and we will miss her because she makes us laugh with her crazy karate chopping, her jokes, her positive attitude and her smile.

Good luck at your new school Luca. We will miss you and we hope you make lots of new friends and have fun. Don’t forget to come back and visit……