Today a very important person came to our school. His name is Paora Winitana and he played basketball for New Zealand at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. He is 6ft 4in tall. His youngest brother came too.

Paora talked about his family and growing up in a small community. He faced a lot of challenges in his life and spoke about how he overcame them.

He talked to us about always setting a goal and he gave us the challenge to make our own goals for when we grow up. He is inspired about always having a challenge ahead that he wants to achieve.

He believes that having good friends is the first step to achieving these goals so everyone should choose their friends wisely.

To be continued….


Today we talked about being a good friend, being kind to each other, being confident, positive, and learning to understand one another.  We looked at our school values and how they encourage us to be a good friend and show friendship, respect and honesty.

We each had to put down three friendship steps that will help us be a good friend.


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