Today we did some gardening. First we pulled out the weeds, then we turned over the soil. We have decided we would have strawberries, rainbow silverbeet, carrots, tomatoes and beetroot.

Hopefully we will get to eat the strawberries before the birds get there.







On October the 20th we drew up a plan on the little whiteboard of what we are going to plant in our school garden. Then we went outside and started to pull out all the bad weeds growing in our special garden – Tiana and I did that. Then we turned the soil over with two gardening forks and a shovel. Kawana and Bayden worked on the snow pea pots. After that we started to clean up another part of our garden. Keeva and Tor did a part and Tiana and Pippa did a part. Then I had to put away the worm gloves and put the small gardening fork back in Mrs Gilbert’s car. I am excited about planting all  the vegetables we decided on.      Isla



Today, which is the nineteenth of October, we went outside and did some gardening. Three of us had gloves on, including Mrs Gilbert. Every one had to dig up the garden. We pulled out the weeds and mixed up all the soil. We had to use a gardening fork to mash up the big chunks of soil. Kawana, and Pippi pulled some weeds out behind the bushes. Bayden pulled out some weeds from three gardens.        Tor, Pippa and Tiana


Yesterday  I pulled a big weed out. I also flattened  the dirt. My favourite plant is yummy strawberries.       Keeva            


Watch out for part 2 next week.

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School.



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