All year we have been working with Papanui and Mangaweka schools, and whaea Leah, on Matauranga Maori. On the twenty third of November, the three schools  went to the Kapahaka Festival in Raetihi to demonstrate all that we have achieved this year. After the powhiri we were given a class room to get ready in and to have a final practise. Then we waited in line until one of the pre school groups had their turn. Finally it was our turn. Once we were on stage we didn’t feel nervous any more. After everyone had stopped clapping Tor led us for our first song, Te Aroha. We did five songs that were exciting to sing. The audience gave us a huge pakipaki.

After the festival we went to the Waiouru pool for a swim. We had an amazing day and can’t wait until next year.

Written by Pukeokahu School.



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