Tiana went online and got the method and ingredients on paper so Jen and Mrs Casey could get them at New World.  The first slime we made failed but it tasted really nice. The second slime we made was a pretty pink like soap. It failed. The third slime we made worked. (But we did use a lot of cornflour.)         Isla

When we first made the butter slime it did not work out. But the next time it did and we got to take it home. It was fun making edible slime.   Kawana

Tiana, Isla, Tor, Bayden, Kawana, Pippa and I made slime. On Friday all of us made slime. We made an edible one, a toothpaste one and a shampoo one.   And the most exciting thing was the edible one because we could eat it.     Keeva


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