On the 15 of March Pukeokahu  school did a cooking day.We went outside and picked the fresh vegetables out of the garden. After morning tea we picked the apples. Now we make the good food. We set the table then we set out the food. Yum Yum.


On Thursday the 15 of March Keeva and I picked the lettuce and everyone dug up the other vegetables. We brought all the vegetables into the school. Keeva and I took the stalks and roots off the lettuce. We put the lettuce leaves into the sink and Keeva and I soaked the leaves in the sink. Then we took all the leaves out of the sink. We put them into the salad. We put it on the table and we all ate it all up. Yum.


On the 15 of March we made our own lunch! First we went outside to get the ingredients. Kawana and I pulled out the spuds, Pippa pulled out 2 carrots and looked for cherry tomatoes, Tor and Keeva pulled out some lettuce and carrots. Next we put the veges in the kitchen and went to pick some apples, but to get them we had to reach really high.Now we started to cook. Kawana, Ezra and I started peeling the apples. They smelt yummy!! While every one was doing their thing, Tor, Pippa and Keeva set up the table with a table cloth, place mats and candles. It felt like a flash restaurant!                                  Bayden

On Thursday the 15 of March Bayden and I pulled out the amazing spuds and there were heaps of them. Then we took all the amazing vegetables inside and put them on the bench. Then we started to pick the apples and we took them back to the classroom and started to peel them. Soon our amazing yummy lunch and apple pie was ready.

This slide show remains the property of Pukeokahu School.

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