Yesterday Pukeokahu school went to the Fire station. Jess (the fire instructor) said that when there is a fire to ‘Get down, get low, get out fast and stay out’.

We went  through an inflatable maze. You couldn’t see anything in there without a torch. We practised getting down below the smoke to escape.

We also went on the Fire truck. There were a lot of cool gadgets on the side. Rickon loved it. We got little fire escape plan booklets. 

Next we went to the Chrystal Bar and Moawhango School shouted us lunch. Luca and Keeva shared a lamington and a pie. Thank you Moawhango School.

We had a great day thank you Jess and Taihape Fire Station.

Written by Keeva, Luca and Rickon.

All photographs remain the property of Pukeokahu School

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