Deep into the Snow

On an early morning in September, the children and parents of Pukeokahu travelled to Whakapapa ski field, on Mt Ruapehu. We went straight to ski hire and grabbed the gear we needed. Our first stop was the learner’s slope for a quick practise while we were waiting for our instructors. Then we were split into two groups and went with our instructors for our lesson. We learnt lots. When we got cold we went to the cafe for a hot drink and food to warm up.

After we had finished skiing we climbed up to the Rotorua Ski hut, carrying our bags, and met the class from Birkdale school that was staying there too. Dinner was hot and SPICY, but really delicious. Dessert was waffles, maple syrup and ice cream.

Once we had eaten dessert we all relaxed in the lounge, Birkdale school invited us to join them in a game of charades.


After a good nights sleep,  we packed up our bags and headed back to Ohakune for lunch and then off to do some rock climbing. That was a really fun experience.

This ski trip was epic. Thanks Mrs Casey and parents.

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School.





Friday Music

Every Friday Chrissie and Paula come out to our school and teach music. We are learning to play ukuleles, a melodica, kazoos, recorders and drums.

We know how to sing (and play our instruments to) In The Jungle.

We are also composing our own song about growing fruit and vegetables to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.


All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School.

First Aid Course

Kawana: When Sandra got here, she talked about what she does. Then she showed us how to leave your patient while you are ringing 111. When the patient is about to spew, you turn them. We did CPR on the mannikin babies and toddlers.

Pippa: When Sandra got to Pukeokahu, she showed us what to do when someone is vomiting, what to do when someone has a broken arm or leg and what to do when a person has a cut in their head.


All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School

Farewell to the Moyes

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School

One day when I went to Bayden’s house we were playing halo and we did a trick on Lochy. We built a house  and there was a hole in our house. So we pretended to put a bomb down there and then Lochy pretended to explode.


Bayden me were playing on the tramp with Boomboom and Boomboom was knocking over all the shoes. Bayden made Boomboom do a flip and it was big. Then we went down to get the shoes and put them back on the tramp. Boomboom went wild – he is so good at knocking off shoes.


I remember on Kawana’s birthday, Bayden and Kawana went on the  tramp and they were rolling around. Then when they came inside they both had black noses. Kawana or Bayden put two hand prints on my door and it is still on there.


I remember Bayden when he always was nice and kind to all of us. I also remember on Bayden’s birthday, when we had a crazy Nerf gun fight and a lolly scramble after that. I really miss Bayden.


When Pippa and I played on Bayden’s Xbox with Lochy, I always lost in one of his zombie games. I always got shot by Bayden.


I will remember Bayden and Lochie because they are fun to play. I still remember playing on the xbox and I always lost and Bayden always won. At school he was so funny.


One day when I went to Bayden’s house. We went on the xbox 360 and we played Halo. Then we went on the tramp with Boomboom.


I know I am going to miss the big grin, your great writing and our discussions on life.


😭 😭 gonna miss them!! Jenna

We are blog explorers


This week we started to set up our own blogging websites with Papanui and Mangaweka schools. We were messaging each other for practise, using the new site, before we started to write to the other schools. We learnt about FaceTime, hangouts and blogger. Our next step will be to start an online book club with the  pupils at Papanui and Mangaweka.

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School