Yum! Is what everyone said when they got their food. But that’s not how it started. First Annie and I started of with planning what we were going to cook. After that was all sorted out our teacher went and got our requested items. When it was time to cook Annie and I went into the kitchen and started to create a dish! First we got our little english muffins (the pizza base) and spread the tomato paste and added all the other delicious ingredients, such as tomato, capsicum, spinach and cheese. (We almost ran out of time, but don’t tell anyone!) Once they were in the oven we could relax. Until it was time to serve. We had very picky judges trying our meal. But I think they were a success! Now it was time to make our fruit skewers (with marshmallows) and chocolate sauce! They went down a treat!


All photographs remain the property of Pukeokahu School

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