When we got our bronze enviroschool award most of the community came and participated in the day. They came to see if we had done enough to achieve the bronze award. Rickon’s dad loved going down in the wilderness as some of the parents had helped plant it when they were at Pukeokahu School. We gave speeches to explain what we had done with the worm farm, vegetable garden, wilderness, pool, as well as native tree planting at school and River Valley Lodge. We explained about the pest traps and tracking tunnels. We had painted a river and everyone (including the adults) wrote on water drops about the things we had done as well as what they thought our next steps should be.. They were put into the five guiding streams/principles for enviroschools.

It was a really good day. Thank you Ron, Rowena and Emily

Keeva, Luca, Hunter, Mikaire, Rickon.

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