Thank you Ivet’s mum for the photos.

We had good fun playing and exploring in the forest. We had so much fun rafting down the rapids. That was the best part because it was bumpy. We got splashed. Rickon   

It was fun going down the rapids. I liked having river weed fights with everyone. I also liked jumping off the rock. My favourite part was jumping off a rock. Also I liked doing the tracking tunnels with Hunter. Mikaire

When it was the last trip Rickon and I were in a ducky together and he was lying on me. Then we got at the camp and we unloaded all the gear off the big boat. Later on that day we set up our tents and then we went for a swim in the river. The next morning we had a quick look on the rocks for river bugs  and later on we went on the rapids. Then we stopped and we pulled in the rafts. Then we started to walk up the hill. I was the first one at the top. Hunter

On the rafting trip we went swimming in the rapid. When you go down the rapid you can go two ways   when you go the wrong way you have to try to put your foot in the eddy. Keeva and I were in the blue ducky and we didn’t tip at all but we did get stuck about two times. At one point we went on Max’s raft and Mikaire and Hunter went on the blue ducky but Keeva and I got back in the blue ducky. On the last day Keeva and I paddled hard when we were at the back and got to the front.   I can not wait until 2021. Luca

On the school rafting trip Luca and I went in the ducky. On lots of the rapids we got stuck. Luca and I had lots of fun in the ducky. At half way we stopped to have lunch. The lunch was so yummy. After that we swam over to the other side and we jumped off the jumping rock. When we got to camp we had to take all the gear up to the campsite, then we set up camp. After a bit we had dinner and dessert. All of the kids went to bed at like 7:30, 8:00. In the morning we packed up camp. When we were at the end of the trip we had lunch and left. Keeva

We started early in the morning. One by one pupils started arriving at River Valley Lodge. When everyone had arrived my mum/one of the guides started to tell us what was happening. After that we got into our river gear, and set off to the boats where Max gave us a safety briefing. Then we were off! A few hours after we had left it was time for lunch! After lunch most of us went and jumped off the jumping rock right on the other side of the river. Then we were back to work, on the rapids! After another few hours we were at our destination, at camp! Once all the gear was unloaded at the camp and all the tents were up, we could go for a swim in the eddy. Then we did some tracking stuff with Sarah from horizons. Before we knew it, it was time for burgers for dinner and cheesecake for dessert. Then off to bed. During the night no one had a good sleep because the wind was so loud. In the morning everyone was up by 8:30 am, breakfast was bacon and eggs! Then we were straight into our river gear. Once all the gear was back in the boats we hopped back in the river and set off to Tarata. Once we arrived we got dressed into warm dry clothes, and started walking up the hill. When everyone was there we had lunch and it was good. Then we drove back to the lodge and that was our 2020 raft trip! Isla


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