All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School

We were pulling carrots and potatoes out of the ground. Then we cooked the food and we ate it. It was very very very yummy. My favourite part was pulling the carrots out of the ground.  At the end we had dessert with a fruit salad. It was yum. Mikaire 

When we cleared the garden we made lunch with all the carrots and potatoes. We had cooked chicken and made  a nice bowl of salad . We ate it. It was so delicious. Hunter

We started at the garden where delicious scrumptious vegetables were. Once we had collected and washed all our vegetables we started to prepare everything for our Pukeokahu school feast! While the boys were washing dishes the girls started to set the table. When the food came out everyone had to act like ladies and gentlemen. The food we had all cooked was delicious and everyone enjoyed the food! But one thing was missing was dessert! After the main course the girls went and made a delicious fruit salad with whipped cream courtesy of me! (and Mrs Gilbert, and a tiny bit by Luca and Keeva). After our feast we were all very full, but we still had to do high jump practice! Isla

On Wednesday we had our  annual school cooked lunch. We have it every year. We started off at the garden and gathered all of the vegetables and bought all of them inside for a wash. Then we cooked them. After we had eaten it, all of the girls made a fruit salad with whipped cream. Keeva

When we were cooking the chicken all I wanted to do was eat it. I had never tried that recipe. For the salad we put cheese, spring onion, tomato, lettuce and carrot in it. For the dessert we had fruit salad with the yummiest fruits. Luca

We were cooking at  school. It was fun. It was cool. It was yum. We cooked chicken, salad, carrots and potatoes. For dessert we had fresh fruit salad with whipped cream. Rickon

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