Wowser! It’s been a busy start to the term.


Last week we went on our annual raft trip. It happened to coincide with two days of freezing weather so we decided to camp overnight at the Lodge rather than down the river and have a 1 day scenic trip. It was a great time to bond (girls vs boys) with each other and take part in some outdoor learning experiences.

At the Lodge we learnt about tracking or trail signs then made trails for each other to follow. We made our pizzas for Roger to cook in the pizza oven and watched a movie. On river we had many chances to challenge ourselves. Janey taught us about safe river crossings and we had several practices at that. For some of us the water was very swift and it scared us! We spent some time checking for invertebrate in the water, however it was super cold at our lunch stop so we didn’t stay there long. Near the end of the trip we were allowed to jump into some small rapids and practice rapid position which is on your back with your feet facing down river. Entertaining to watch and for those in the water it pushed them to their limits of challenge.

A HUGE thank you to Janey, River Valley Lodge, Ollie, Kylie, Roger B, Roger G and Melissa for helping us during our trip. Without this help we couldn’t take part in such amazing experiences.


In the classroom we are caring for and learning about the life cycle of both frogs and monarch butterflies. It’s been exciting for us all (adults included) to watch the daily changes, especially the caterpillars who seem to grow before our eyes.

Check out the photos of what we’ve seen.

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