Welcome back to the 2021 school year.

We’ve hit the ground running at school and had lots happening in our first week.

On Monday we welcomed Johnan Gilbert to the school. We wish Johnan the happiest of school days!

Over the holidays our woodwork table arrived and goodness it has been well used already by all ages and stages at the school.

On Thursday Rowena from EnviroSchool’s came to visit to help us learn more about native bats. After a morning in the classroom we ventured out to the Pukerimu Bush to explore the area and see if it would be a suitable place for bats to live. We found old, hollow trees along with water and open areas, all of which are ideal for bat habitation. Our plan now is to head back one evening soon and see if we can hear bats in the area. A big thank you to Roger and Kylie for escorting us to the bush.

While we were out exploring the bush Tararua Line Marking arrived to smarten up our concrete areas. It was super exciting to return to school and see a ROAD painted on the concrete along with Twister, hopscotch, snakes n ladders, four square and tic tac toe.

The remainder of the term proves to be just as busy with the raft trip coming up in Week 3, athletics and swimming sports among other things.

Check out the pictures from our first week….

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