Huge congratulations to our swimmers who were like speedy fish in the water on Friday.

In the learner pool, Johnan showed off his cool learning to everyone, including putting his head under the water! Awesome progress. Then Rickon showed us how he can freestyle and backstroke, as well as dive through a hoop.

In the afternoon the length pool events began. In the widths races Mikaire came first in both freestyle and backstroke! Well done to you Mikaire and looks like you’ll be swimming lengths next year!

Both Keeva and Luca swam in the Year 7 girls lengths races with the following results.

Keeva – 1 length freestyle = 1st, 2 lengths freestyle = 1st, 1 length backstroke = 3rd, 2 lengths backstroke = 2nd, 1 length breaststroke = 1st, 2 lengths breaststroke = 2nd, 3 length medley = 1st

Luca – 1 length freestyle = 3rd, 1 length backstroke = 1st, 1 length breaststroke = 2nd.

Following such stunning results both girls have made the Rural School Interschool Team and will represent us this coming Friday (19th March) at the Taihape Interschool Event. We wish them the best of luck!

Huge thank you to the parents / grandparents who came along to support the children. Special shout out to Janey and Melissa for taking part in the parent-student relay at the end where we placed 3rd.

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