What a wonderful day we had yesterday in Palmerston North for the Weetbix TRYathlon.

Four out of the five of us were able to compete with Lennon and Johnan spending the day supporting everyone.

First up was Luca with the 10 year old girls. She was pretty nervous but once she got going there was nothing but smiles (and maybe some relief at the end when she finished!) Well done Luca, you did a great job. Next to race was Mikaire. He was also pretty nervous but despite this he pushed on and tried really hard throughout his race. Congratulations Mikaire for rising to the challenge. After Mikaire it was Rickon’s turn. He had a ball and knew exactly what to do. He even explained after that he ‘passed heaps of people’. Awesome stuff Rickon! Finally we had Keeva race. She’d had to patiently wait most of the day for her turn and like the others was all smiles right through the race. Fantastic race Keeva!

It was a really fun day out for all. Thank you to Melissa, Janey, Kylie and Miranda for coming along to support the children. There were some tired kids on the way home no doubt! Stacey’s passenger slept the entire drive home!

Check out these pictures of the kids in action.

2 thoughts on “Weetbix TRYathlon

  1. The smiles on the children’s faces ‘says it all!’ What a wonderful Pukeokahu School to give the children this opportunity to compete in this iconic NZ event…


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