We had the COOLEST day at school today!

Papanui School came over to visit because we were lucky enough to get a visit from the Trillian Trust Trek Crew.

This amazing group of people tour the country each year visiting schools and raising money for kiwi kids in need. We were first treated to a lovely bbq lunch….burgers to die for! Then the cool cars arrived. Old police cars, fire engines, limos to name a few. The ‘trekkers’ gave out lots of treats like lolly pops and balloons and every child got a goodie back filled with cool stuff.

While they visited they played with us and we got to hear from Mark who told us what it’s like to have cerebal palsy. He inspired us with his honesty and the things he has achieved in his life. Then it was around to the pool to watch our very own version of the America’s Cup boat race. This was great fun.

But the biggest excitement of the day was the very generous donation of $950 for the purchase of the zip line and guess what? They brought the zip line along with them and installed it too!

We are SO, SO lucky!

We need to say a tremendous THANK YOU to the Trillian Trust crew for their generous donation of the zipline (and all the other amazing goodies), to Hautapu Pine for their donation of materials towards building the zipline and to JB, Charles, Fraser and John Gilbert for their donations of time getting the poles ready in time for today.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words so here’s a few of our day.

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