On Friday 16th April we finished Term 1 with an invitation to join Moawhango School for their Wheels Day with Constable Peter Marks.

We started the day in the classroom where the Moawhango tamariki showed us all their amazing STEM and Digital Learning equipment. It was great to see different products in action and how it challenged the children to work on problem solving and key competency skills. Our tamariki certainly walked away with a long list of things they’d love to have at school.

After this is was time to head outside with Constable Marks who showed us the right way to care for our bikes and make sure they’re safe for riding. He set out an obstacle course which we had to ride around. There were tricky corners and challenging ramps to ride over which we had to do while also being aware of our surroundings and the other 17 or so children also riding their bikes! It was a great way to simulate what it can be like riding in town or on the road.

To finish the day we joined Moawhango for their end of term awards and rewards, then it was time to head home.

Some photos of our day are below:

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