Firstly we start with an apology for not getting this post out much sooner! Since our return from Wellington school and life has kept us all occupied AND we have been working away on a little something to share our learning so read on to hear all about our trip to Wellington.

We had a WONDERFUL trip away. We based ourselves in Porirua for most of the week at Camp Elsdon. Day one was our travelling day and we kept it pretty easy with just a visit to Ngā Manu Nature Reserve where the children got to feed the eels and explore the reserve.

Day two started with a trip to Awesome Bounce where kids and adults alike had a great time. The facility was well set up with a rock climbing section, trampolines, bouncy castles and an epic playground. After lunch we headed into Wellington to have a tour of Weta Workshops. Again the kids and adults both rated the experience where they got to check out the sets for the latest Thunderbirds movie and learnt how props and costumes were made for a variety of movies.

Day three kicked off with a trip to Wellington on the train. Some of the children had never been on the train so it was truly an experience for them. After a quick bus ride we arrived at Te Papa for a learning session about volcanoes. We honestly could have spent hours looking around all the exhibits – there was so much to see. We then headed back to Porirua via bus (a double decker no less!) and train to head to the Aquatic Centre. The day was pretty miserable so it was nice to have a lovely warm swim. The slide was extremely fun as was the wave pool!

Day four started a bit more relaxed as we had to pack up in preparation to head to our next overnight destination. As we didn’t need to be at our next learning activity until the afternoon we took a bit of time to explore the local Kmart then headed to Island Bay for our Rocky Shore experience…not before exploring the beach and getting a touch wet! The Island Bay Marine Education Centre was pretty amazing with it’s touch pool where we got to actually hold spider starfish and other creatures. Following this we stopped off at Bowlerama for some ten pin bowling action and dinner before our final stop of the day the Zoo.

At the Zoo we were lucky enough to have an overnight experience where we got to have a tour of the zoo at night, meet the giraffes and Tasmanian devils, and learn about feeding animals. Then we slept the night AT the zoo next to the monkey enclosure, who then became our alarm clock at 6am when the gibbons woke up and did their hilarious morning song. We had another tour of the zoo then it was time to start the long trip home.

A big thank you to Mrs Whale, Kylie, Roger, Melissa, Janey and Tom for their help during camp. Also a big shout out to the kids for making it a great week too.

Below are some Scratch videos the children made relating to camp. Their task was to pick some learning that we did, find out more and create something we could share with others. Through this they used literacy and digital technology skills.


Video 1 – Mikaire, Video 2 – Rickon, Video 3 – Keeva, Video 4 – Luca

By Mikaire
By Rickon

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