The second much anticipated Make Day Friday was another hit. You can tell when kids are excited about something….they hoon in after the bell goes!

It was awesome to see some of the older children doing a bit of pre-planning prior to the day. Mikaire and Rickon, in particular, had found some cool books in the library and decided they would recreate the huts they’d seen in the book. The minute they were let loose they gathered up matchsticks, ice blocks sticks etc to get cracking. What they made was super impressive and a great display of technology (a brief, a plan and the outcome) in action. It also demonstrated their ability to take what they read about and build on that knowledge.

Today Keeva and Luca dedicated their Make Day time to the sewing machine and small craft. Keeva, found a half-made bag among the fabric. This became a very nifty side bag, when she stitched herself a strap for it. The challenging part was turning the strap back in the right way. It turned out pretty cool and she’s stoked with it. Luca continued adding to her ‘family’ of wooden dolls by creating an alien addition. So creative in her thinking. Again the Technology Curriculum is front and centre.

Our young crew (school visitors included) did a variety of activities with the most popular being cooking of course. They made cupcakes for everyone and decorated them (sorry I was busy helping them and forgot to take photos). The cupcakes were declared delicious! Lots of maths is involved when baking. I talked with them about how much of each ingredient we needed, using language like half, quarter etc. This helps them build some strong foundations for maths learning.

After the cooking they launched into a great pretend play game. As an outsider looking in, I couldn’t really tell what it was I just know it was in the home corner, there were babies and maybe monsters! Either way they dipped in and out of roles like professional actors. You may notice at home when children play, narrate as they go….”yeah and then the mum said xyz and you did abc” then they’ll act out what they’ve just said. This type of play is AMAZING and a great sign that they are making the brain connections needed to learn to read and write later on. It takes a lot of cognitive function to narrate and act out the game.

I’ll leave the novel at that for now. It was a great day. Next week I’ll share some insight into the Key Competencies and the role Make Day Friday plays in the development of these for all children.

Ngā mihi nui – The Pukeokahu Crew

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