4 more days and counting! That’s how long until we all get a week deserved break. It’s been a big term with lots of change for our school. Our roll has virtually doubled in size since the end of 2021 and now sits at 9 students. At the start of March we welcomed yet another student! Kaylee Stoney (6) joined us. A warm welcome to the Stoney whānau! The roll growth continues, when we have Sklyar (Kaylee’s younger sister) and Lennon (Luca’s sister) start their school journey at the beginning of Term 2. A big HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to both girls, who believe it or not, share the SAME birthday – 15th April. We wish them both happy school days.

March has been both busy and quiet. We’ve been busy beavering away at school on lots of great learning but in terms of the usual Term One events it’s been super quiet with most being postpone or cancelled due to the COVID outbreak that finally reached our wee area. Thankfully, as a school so far, we have managed to remain pretty healthy and operate as normal in that respect.

Make Day Friday continues to be a hit. Sewing has proven popular and it has been awesome to see our older pupils, boys and girls, develop the confidence to sew on their own. This past week saw an interested in ‘bug hotels’ and miniature furniture making, complete with bedding. For our younger makers the focus is more on developing positive social skills – sharing resources and developing the language needed to express their needs in a positive way. It’s great to be able to have this specific time to coach them through the development of this.

We finish the term with an end of term fun afternoon – Fish and chips shouted by the Principal and then a fun swim at the pool.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter. The next update will come in Term 2.

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