We’ve got some children here keen on being kaitiaki of our school and part of that involves pest control. Late last term we had the issue with the cheeky mouse that roamed the classroom (thankfully the trap dealt to that!), which piqued the interest of many. What pests do we have in our school and what can we do to get rid of them?

Below are some short pieces of writing about what we did when our Enviro School’s facilitators came to visit in Week 1. Currently our writing is focussed around how to write good paragraphs. To write a good paragraph we had the following criteria to guide us:

  • The paragraph tells the audience who, what, when, where, why and how.
  • The first sentence introduces the topic.
  • The sentences link to the topic and are in a sensible order.
  • The last sentence shares a thought or feeling about the topic.

How did they do? Also see below for bonus photos of the tracking tunnel results! Can’t wait to see what shows up on the camera.

On Friday the 6th May, Sarah and Rowena, our Enviro school teachers, came to Puke School to do some enviroschool activities. We looked at some different traps and each had a turn setting them off. We also made some tracking tunnels to see what pests we have. We put peanut butter in the middle. We all put our tracking tunnels in different spots. Me and Keeva put ours under the old school. After that we set up a little camera. The camera takes a photo every time it senses movement. We are hoping to see little lizards. It was a very enjoyable day.   By Luca

On Friday the 6th of May, Sarah and Rowena came to Puke School. They did pest traps with us. They gave us tracking tunnels. We put peanut butter in them and ink that doesn’t dry up. Over the weekend we had footprints in all of the traps and on every chew card. For example we had possums, rats, stoats and mice. It was exciting because we got our own traps. By Charlie

On Friday 6th of May, Sarah and Rowena, from Horizons, came to Puke school to teach us about pests and traps. We put out some tracking tunnels all over the school to see what pests we have.Then we set up a tracking camera to see if we have any geckos. Once we have tracked all the pests we will get the right traps. Friday was exciting because we got to set out our own tracking tunnels. By Kawana

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