This year our roll has grown immensely, in fact doubled (not many schools can say that!) and with so many new faces, especially ones who are new to school, we have refocussed our attention on learning our mihimihi/pepeha.

Several times a term we join forces with Mangaweka and Papanui Junction School’s for Mātauranga Māori learning and part of this involves sharing our mihimihi/pepeha. It’s important we feel well prepared for this as some of us are a bit whakama about standing up in front of a group and speaking so we have been practicing several times a week.

Reciting pepeha is a way of connecting with others by sharing your whakapapa and where you come from. Anyone can have a pepeha/mihimihi, the wording is just slightly different in some cases for non-Māori and respects tangata whenua and local landmarks.

Many of us may find ourselves in a situation where sharing a mihimihi/pepeha is required. Here are some templates that can be used as a guide.

We have recorded our own mihimihi/pepeha on video. If you pop into school scan their QR code and have a listen. Super proud of how far the kids have come so far.

Kia pai te rā! Have a great day.

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