This week we had Rowena from Horizons visit to teach us some more about water and its importance.

We learnt about ways we can protect our water sources from the impacts of human and animal activity.

Here are some pieces of writing we did about what we know about water.

The senior students have been learning to use precise words to share information, describe an event etc. The junior students have been learning to say their idea and write some of it on their own.

We have all been learning (or remembering!) to use full stops and capital letters.

Kawana: There are many special features created by water. One of them is slips. Slips are caused by heavy rain. Rain softens the soil and the ground starts to crack. The rain goes into the crack and under the top soil and then it slips. One way to stop erosion is to plant native trees. Trees help hold the soil together. That is why slips are more common on farm land because are no trees.

Charlie: There are many different features of water. When there is a lot of rain the ground gets soft and then the ground gets cracked. Then it rains more and the water goes under the topsoil and it slips. One way to save our land from slips is to plant trees like manuka and other natives. Slips are bad for our environment because it covers our land and goes into the creeks.

Rickon: There are many features about water. One is the farms. There would be no farms if there was no water because stock would die. You need clear water to live so fence off waterways or the river will be polluted. Also use troughs because the cows will pollute the waterways. Another thing is riparian planting which is planting native trees around waterways.

Mikaire: Swamps are a water source. A swamp is a large area of water. Swamps are usually muddy and have reeds and rushes growing in them. To protect swamps we can fence off the swamp, plant trees and get rid of pest animals.

Grace: The special feature created by water is a plant. You can plant a plant with a seed. Plants can be a flower or a tree. You can fence the plants in to protect the plants.

Kaylee: At the Lodge I had a spa. When we got there, the spa was nice.

Skyler: Lennon and I are in the spa.

Lennon: The water is in the sea.

Te Awa: A frog lives in a pond. We are swimming in it.

Te Rau: Me and Skyler were playing.

Johnan: Me and Aaron Smith are swimming in the hot pool.

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