On May 21st it was iBike4 Kids. We had a race on our bikes with other kids and it was fun. We won a $500.00 voucher for sports equipment. We used it to buy heaps of stuff like a dart set, a croquet set, a boxing bag and gloves and a free skipping rope. We got a score board, gear for an egg and spoon race, 2 scooter boards, and a court marking set and a ball each.We have been having fun with our new gear.




Sunday the 21TH of May.

Almost all the kids from the coolest school ever – Pukeokahu School – went to i-Bike and won $500 dollars!

Bill Russell from Hart Sport came to our school to present the voucher and he brought his little dog inside school. The puppy was adorable. (I was the one that received the voucher).

On the 14 of June the kids at Pukeokahu school ordered the sports equipment. We got to choose the equipment ourselves. On the 16th and 19th of June our sports equipment arrived. It was so exciting. The kids at Pukeokahu school got the sports equipment we all deserved. We got….

Rubber chickens, farm animals-we got a pig and a elephant, also a lizard, a turtle and a whale, egg and spoon sets, boxing equipment, a safe target set,  1-2-3-4-5-6 mats, two scooter boards with four wheels! three legged bands, a Croquet set, a Tug-a-war rope and a score board. On the box it read thank you for ordering. Inside that box was seven balls and seven packets of lollies! (I ate all of mine after school.)  Pippi, Bayden, Keeva, Tiana, Victoria and I were wondering why the balls and lollies were there. We said, “We didn’t order this.” But on the top of the box it said thank you for ordering          

                                              Written by Isla   


         Day 1

We, the kids at the amazing Pukeokahu School, went to ibike and won $500! Can you believe that!?!? $500?!

      Day 2

“So children” said Mrs Casey “time to choose our gear”

“Yay!” the kids said.

Day 3-4

 “Morning and wow look at that equipment!”

The first thing the kids saw was an egg and spoon race. (medium size). My favorite is the boxing bag. At the end of the day it’s all about participation (and the  $500!)

Thank you for reading Bayden



On Sunday it was iBike4Kids. We won $500 dollars. We have won three times in a row now.

Mrs Casey said, “Let’s do our jobs first and then we will open the hart sport stuff that we got.”

“YAY!! we all said and rushed to get all our jobs done.

I pulled out a pretend whale, a pig, elephant, a frog and a turtle for when Rickon and Lochy come to our school. We also got the gear for a three legged race and an amazing punch bag with boxing gloves. There was a safety dartboard set and  very cool scooter boards. It was my first turn on one today. We got an awesome tug-a- war rope, and a court marking set as well as egg and spoon gear. I have not had a turn yet. There was an amazing croquet set and a score board. Thank you so much for the $500 hundred dollar voucher.



On Sunday the 21st of May  it was iBike 4 Kids. A little school called Pukeokahu won $500. Bill Russell from Hart Sport brought the voucher to Pippa, Keeva, Isla, Bayden and Victoria. We were the ones who did iBike 4 Kids. It was fun. We counted up all the money and we bought a two metre tug of war rope, a boxing set with a free skipping rope, a safety  dartboard set, a croquet set, an egg and spoon race set, a three legged race, a court marking set, a score-board, two scooter boards that are blue and red and some animal bean bags. In one of the boxes they sent a soccer ball and lollies. On the soccer ball there where a sticker and on the Sticker it said thank you for ordering but Pippa, Bayden, Isla, Keeva, Victoria and Mrs Casey Said …… We did not order this. We all said hooray!

By Victoria .   


On Sunday the 21st of May it was iBike 4 Kids. We won $500 dollars and we spent it on sports equipment. We got a boxing set, a few beanbags, the gear for an egg and spoon race, a dart set, and a tug-a-war  rope. Now we play with it all the time because it is so much fun. We  had so much fun at ibike 4 kids.














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