Mrs Goodall

Last week, Mrs Goodall from Zero Waste, came to teach us about reusing, recycling and composting. We learned how to read the recycle triangle – in Taihape it has to be between 1 & 5. She showed us how we can reuse and recycle like turning cans into telephones or stilts.

Do you know that 3,000,000 cubic metres of rubbish is put into landfills each year. In one week New Zealand makes enough rubbish to fill a 30 storey building – that’s like the Sky Tower. Mrs Goodall explained how landfills work. She gave us a booklet that had recycling activities in it.

At one point Mrs Goodall took us outside to explain about how tree roots work and where the drip line is.

After morning tea we learned about compost – what you can put in and what you cannot.


After lunch we got to make our own compost. Mrs Goodall showed us how to make a worm farm using compost, nitrogen and carbons. We got to put some dragon fruit in our compost but you cannot use citrus fruit, onions, meat or bread. Then we made farms in clean milk bottles and Mrs Goodall gave us some of her tiger worms to put in them. We learned a lot about tiger worms like they have five hearts. Do you know that the scientific name for tiger worms Eisenia Fetida. A tiger worm can eat its body wait in a day.

We are looking forward to making a worm farm for school next term. Yah!!!

By Tiana, Isla, Tor, Bayden, Keeva, Kawana and Pippa


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