We made dioramas a little while ago for Mrs Gilbert’s reading work. My diorama was based on the story Finnigan and the Pirates. The writer is Sherryl Jordan. I chose this book because Finnigan likes to dance like me! This is how you make a diorama.

  1. Get a shoe box and choose some paint.
  2. Start to paint your shoe box with the colours you chose.
  3. Let it dry for a little while.
  4. Now you can start making your characters and scenery. Draw them or print the characters. Don’t forget to colour them in before you cut them.
  5. Cut them out and make sure there is room at the bottom of them so you can apply glue
  6.      6 .Glue them to your diorama and push them down for 60 seconds.
  1. You are finished!



We made dioramas out of shoe boxes. They were made from books we had read. We painted them colors. I did mine green and a peachy colour with a cloud. I had two trees in it. My book was Aristotle. It was by Dick King-Smith and the illustrator was Bob Graham.  I like this book because it is cool.



We made an Amazing Diorama and I did mine on the Bad Guys. The author and illustrator is Aaron Blabey.  I chose this book because It is very funny . My scene is the bit when they were trying to get into the building.




The book I did my diorama on is The Little Angel Lily Gets Her Wings. This book was written by Elizabeth Pulford. I chose this book because Lily is looking for her  wings and  to have a good adventure.

Into my diorama I put two bushes, a Ginormous sun, a house, a tree, a statue of Mr Percy and Lily who is wearing fake wings and she is looking for her own wings.

By Victoria


I did a diorama.The book was Geronimo Stilton:the Red Bandit bY Geronimo Stilton.  I chose this book because it is very, very, very, funny (well at least this one!)  

I did it on the part where he nearly falls off the cliff.  

To do it I needed some P.V.A glue,a shoe box, white card, felts and paint and be careful with the scissors!  

First you paint your shoe box and then you make your character(s) then colour them in.  

Next you cut them out and put them in your shoe box.  



I made my diorama on The Bad Guys 5 by Aaron Blabey. I did mine about the front cover because it has all the characters on it. My scenery is yellow like the cover is yellow.

Everyone else made one too.

By Pippa



We made  dioramas. I chose How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel. This book is written by Cressida Cowell. I chose this book because it is a very interesting book.  How did we make the dioramas?

Step 1: First find a shoe box at home.

Step 2: Then find a book that you would like to do your diorama about and decide which scene.

Step 3: Then paint the background. Leave it to dry overnight.

Step 4: Once it is dry then you can draw your characters and scenery.

Step 5: Get a piece of cardboard and draw your characters on it. After you have drawn them you cut them out.

Step 6: Get PVA glue and put some glue on the pictures that you drew, then stick the pictures where you want them to go and then go onto your computer or your ipad, then go onto Google docs and write, who wrote the book? What is it called?  After you have printed it out glue it on the top of your diorama and then you are all done  ready to present.



All photos are the property of Pukeokahu School.


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