The weet bix tryathalon

On Tuesday the 20 of March 2018 we woke up at 4am and then we ate Breakfast and then we went to Palmerston North. We could not find a park and then we spotted one so we parked there and walked to the to the Tryathlon. At 11am it was my race so we walked to the pools and they set us up into a group. Then it was time to swim and we ran to the pool and started to swim. The next stage was biking. I saw Bayden and I passed heaps of people.

When I ran I saw Mrs Gilbert at the end. I was puffed.


Weet-bix Tryathlon 2018

On a nice sunny morning, my sister and I got up early and started to get ready. We also had some delicious breakfast. When we finally got to Palmerston North, we placed our bikes in the transition area and got all of our gear ready like…. towel, goggles, t-shirts, shorts, drink bottle and put our number stickers on our t-shirts, bike and helmet. First the ten year old boys went – they had a light blue cap. A few minutes it was the ten year old girls. After that it was Tor and I in bright orange for nine year olds. After it was the boys and so on. When you were lining up to start you got quite excited. The pool was big and all you could see was splashing and swimming. The orange caps had to do two lengths of the pool. As soon as you were finished you had to run to your bike put on your shoes, dry off, put your helmet on your head and put on your t-shirt, then bike two laps of the bike ride. Quickly park your bike back into the transition area, take off your helmet and run as fast as you could to the finish line! Once everyone had finished It was prize giving and Pukeokahu won two prizes!!!!!!!      


Weet-bix Tryathlon


On March the 20th of 2018 it was the Weet-bix Tryathlon. At the briefing we had to do a warm up. It was a lot  of jumping and odd things. The first people to go wore the blue caps and they were the ten year olds. The next people were my sister and her friend and then it was me. I did two laps for the swim and then I had to run to my bike and do two laps on it. There was a speaker that said two laps and finish. For the run I walked for a bit and then I saw Mrs Gilbert and I ran. At the end we got a medal.


All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School

    The weet bix tryathlon

On Tuesday the 20 of March 2018, we woke up at about 6:00 AM.

First we got changed in to our clothes, then we left to go to the tryathlon.

2 hours later in Palmerston North.

Now we are finding a park…. 10 minutes later

Finally we found a park so now I am biking to Ongley Park.

Now we are here at the registration and then we went to the transition area.

In a little while…..Now it’s my turn.


I ran to the pool and swam but I needed a flutter board

Then I had to do the bike and finally I did the run.


On the 20th of March 2018 Pukeokahu school did the weet-bix tryathlon. Keeva did the 8 year old race. They had yellow caps. I did the 7 year old and it was the green caps. Tor, Isla and Bayden did the 9 year old race and they had orange caps. Tiana had a grey cap. It was 12 years old. The swim was easy but my goggles kept filling with water and on my second lap of biking my drink bottle fell out.

It wasn’t puffing for me at the finish.


Weet-Bix Tryathlon      

March the 20th of 2018 it was the Weet-Bix Tryathlon. When it was briefing time they did a lot of talk about the track and then we had to do a warm up. They started with the ten year olds boys and girls – they had light blue caps.  Now it was the nine year olds boys. Bayden was in that lot. Then it was me and Isla. We had to wear an orange cap. We had to go to the swimming pool where we started the tryathlon. Isla and I started to swim. We had to do two laps in the pool. Then we got out of the pool and ran to the bike transition area and got our shoes and t-shirt on, then our helmet. We grabbed our bikes hopped on. We had to do two laps on the bike. We hopped off our bikes and started to run. It was painful because I had a stitch. We were nearly at the finish. Isla I and finished the race together. We got a medal then we had a photo then we had prize giving it was fun. Then we had a cool school photo.


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