Army Museum

On Tuesday the 27 of March, 2018, we went to the International Army Museum. First we went to the classroom and looked at what we were doing, then we got split into 2 groups to do the ration packs. First we got out the noodles with the beef flavouring then the veggies and beef.

IMG_1840While Kawana was cooking the noodles, Isla, Pippa and I ate anzac biscuits because the noodles took too long. After a while the hexi-cubes burned out.

We did not know that the hexi-cubes would

burn out so fast so we had cold noodles and beef.  Bayden

Waiouru museum

When we got to the army museum we had some brain food . then we went in and  we had to go to a room to put our bags in there and then she Showed us our rat pack.

we got Split up into 2 groups to do the rat pack . isla was our leader.  we started to light our cube. i was the only one who

Lit it with a match. then we started to Cook Noodles and some other stuff. the lady showed us how to cook Custard  and then our Noodles were ready. it was yum.



On Tuesday we went to the Army Museum. When we got there we had something to eat and then we followed a lady called Marg. We followed her to a room up stairs then we put our bags down. Then she set up her computer and showed us some photos of the rat pack.Then we had a look around the museum.  She showed us a green stone wall with water dripping down it. She said it’s the tears of all the people who have lost their loved ones. We carried on looking around the museum and the lady showed us a tunnel that the army people would dig a tunnel like it. Once she had showed us parts of the museum she took us back to the room and said we are going to do the rat pack. Then we split into a group of four Tor and Hunter and Keeva were in my group. First we put the hot foods into three individual pots then w e lit the fire.

While we were waiting we ate some snacks. Once our hot food was ready we shared it out and ate it. After we were done eating we had to wash our dishes and cut a plate in half and swept up our mess.Then we went back up into the room and we got put into two groups and we got given a clip board with a piece of paper and we had to find a box with a stamping thing. After that we went up stairs into the room and got our bags and went outside to have lunch.  Written by Tiana Kavanagh.IMG_1854

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School

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