Last Wednesday Tiana, Pippa, Hunter and me cleaned out the weeds from our garden ready to plant this seasons vegetables. Kawana


Last  wednesday the 17th of october 2018 Tiana, Kawana, Hunter and I, were weeding the garden. We pulled out the silverbeet and celery. It was fun.



Today we worked on the garden. In one garden had lettuces and the other one planted beetroot. Keeva


Today we did gardening, I got a  job. I had to staple gun the weed mat to the tyres. Then we planted our potatoes. Victoria


This morning  Pukeokahu School was doing some gardening. Tor and I were planting potatoes. It was very fun because we were to squishing the tyre.  Hunter


This morning Tiana and I planted beetroot, first we got the compost and poured it onto the soil. Then we dug a hole and planted the beetroot. After that we put the hose over it. Now we can use it for cooking

Written by Tiana & Isla



Today at school we did gardening.  I planted tomatoes Isla and I put the mulch in and I planted the tomatoes. Then I helped put the hose through the plants. We had fun. Annie

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School


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