We have some very creative writers in this school!

This week we’ve worked on the 100 word challenge where we have 10-15 minutes (depending on how generous Stacey is feeling!) to write on a topic.

The first attempt was quite a challenge but we didn’t let that beat us and today we came out with some amazing pieces of writing.

Here is some of our writing today:

On Halloween I heard a mysterious sound. I got out of bed and I saw a ghost. I screamed. For a second I thought the house was haunted. Then I thought it was a dream. I froze and went back to sleep.

By Rickon


The house on the hill had always been frightening. You see no one ever came in or out of it. All you could hear was the sound of trapped souls screaming into the darkness. The night of the Halloween was always mysterious, because it was was one night of the year when the screaming could not be heard. Most people thought it was strange, others swear that it’s haunted. Hundreds of people venture up that hill but none ever come down. Everyone knows that something is living up there, but no on knows for sure what. Except me, The Corpse Bride.

By Isla

It was midnight and everyone was asleep, except me. I am planning to escape from this prison. I hate it here so I will escape through the hole in the wall and then I will get revenge and rule Halloween.

Now that I am out I will get out of these horrible clothes and into my black dress, my boots and my spider earrings. Now I can go to my haunted house that a lot of people think is frightening and mysterious, but it’s not. When I entered my home I heard a scream, for a minute I thought it was strange but then I realised that it was normal.

By Keeva

Check out our visitor today…..Witchy Poo!

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