Week 3 Round-Up

This week has been a busy one for the lovely, learners of Pukeokahu.

On Monday we went on a trip to town to see Whaea Leah and join with Papanui to learn about Mātāriki. We finished the day with lunch at the park before heading back home.

Back at school, we have been learning about fractions. Mikaire, Rickon, and Hunter have spent the week learning about parts of a whole. We did this with playdough and practiced cutting it into equal parts.

These boys have also been working on tasks after reading their story. Mikaire designed a weapon that the characters in his book might use to help them and Hunter and Rickon drew a picture of an elephant’s habitat. They also made an amazing recreation of Tsavo National Park.

Isla, Luca, Keeva and Tyrese have again been busy with their Chapter Chat tasks. Today was the last day of Chapter Chat – Slime which is a bit sad. In two weeks we get to start the new Chapter Chapter called Wild Robot.



We have been reading the book Slime. In the story Ned finds 100s of jars of gunk in his sisters room. One of our tasks last week was to make our own gunk. Today we finally got to make it.

There were things like cornflour, hair gel, washing powder, soap, dish liquid, food colouring and sand used to make all kinds of different gunks.

This type of playful learning helps the children foster the key competencies. While they were building the gunk they had to make decisions, share equipment and ideas with others. They needed to be creative and use their imagination about what gunk may be made from.

Watch this space for their gunk recipes.

Below are some photos of the gunk making process.

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Today we made pizza as part of our learning about fractions. We had to answer some maths questions to unlock the pizza ingredients first.

Each person got to make their own pizza and add the toppings they wanted.

Chapter Chat

Today we took part in our first Chapter Chat which is about the book called Slime by David Walliams.

Here are some photos of us chatting on Twitter and some of the activities we created.

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