What a cool day we’ve had!

Thank you to everyone who came along to our pet day today. Your support of our school is very much appreciated!

Our day started with morning tea together in the classroom where people could look at our craft creations and vote for their favourite. After this we braved the damp weather outside and did the showing of pets. Following this was a very entertaining cupcake decorating competition where the adults had 15 minutes to decorate their cupcake in the theme of spring. We were very impressed with the quality of the work! After all this excitement it was time for lunch and prize-giving.

Congratulations to our winners:

Best Name (Lamb) – Luca Megaw-Kopua & Lamington

Best Dressed (Lamb) – Isla Harrison & Clover; Most Original Outfit (Lamb) – Luca Megaw-Kopua & Lamington; Most Creative Dressed (Lamb) – Johnan Gilbert & Arthur.

Most Obedient (Lamb) – Isla Harrison & Clover

Best Led (Lamb) – Johnan Gilbert & Arthur

Best Name (Dog) – Lennon Megaw-Kopua & Annie / Keeva Harrison & Lexi

Best Dressed (Dog) – Isla Harrison & Xena

Most Obedient (Dog) – Maddy Taylor & Bud

Best Led (Dog) – Mikaire Edwards & Super Jill

Shepherd with Loudest Bark (Dog) – Rickon Gilbert & Willie

Cutest (Dog) – Keeva Harrison & Lexi

Most Creative (School Age):

Sandsaucer – Isla Harrison; Novelty Flower Arrangment – Luca Megaw-Kopua; Vege / Fruit Animal – Keeva Harrison; Decorated Cupcake – Luca Megaw- Kopua / Isla Harrison; Decorated Rock – Mikaire Edwards

Highly Commended (School Age):

Sandsaucer – Rickon Gilbert / Keeva Harrison; Novelty Flower Arrangment – Keeva Harrison; Vege / Fruit Animal – Rickon Gilbert; Decorated Cupcake – Rickon Gilbert / Mikaire Edwards; Decorated Rock – Luca Megaw-Kopua

Most Creative – (Preschool Age) – Johnan Gilbert

Highly Commended – (Preschool Age) – Maddy Taylor

People’s Choice Award (Voted for on the day)

Sandsaucer – Keeva Harrison; Novelty Flower Arrangment – Luca Megaw-Kopua; Vege / Fruit Animal – Isla Harrison; Decorated Cupcake – Isla Harrison; Decorated Rock – Isla Harrison

Cupcake Decorating Competition (Adults)

Most Creative – Kylie Gilbert and Melissa Megaw

Funniest – Bruce Gilbert

Highly Commended – Janey Harrison

Throughout the day we had a seedling sale. These seedlings were the ones we have nurtured through the early stages of spring in preparation for pet day. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this because we made $85! This will go towards funding the zipline these kids are so keen to build.

If you missed out and would like some seedlings we still have plenty left so pop on round to school or send us a message. We also plan to bring what’s left to the community Xmas Party in December.

Check out some pictures of the day.

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