Thank you to Janey and Melissa for transporting our senior girls to this amazing event. Below is a recount from each of the girls about their day.


Yesterday Isla, Luca, Mum, Melissa, and I went to N.Y.L.D ( Aka national young leaders day) It was so much fun. The host names were Lizz and Jason. They had really fun games for us one of them was a wave game. It was fun. There were speakers and one of them was Kayla Whitelock and she is black stick legend and four time Olympic hockey player. The last speaker was Josie Moon and she sang for us. There were so many people there, everyone was screaming and yelling because they were so excited. There was a booklet and a pencil under your seat. It was such a cool day.😀 I learnt to never give up and to believe in yourself.


We sat in the back row, my Mum sat on the outside seat and I sat next to her. There were little booklets under our seats. As soon as it started there was a dance cam and everyone was doing funny dancing but Keeva and I hid behind the seats. After that the two host Jason and Lizz came out and talked for a bit. Willam Pike talked about how he lost his leg when he climbed up the mountain. Josie moon sang a song for us and she was a good singer.


We arrived at nine o’clock, collected our wristbands and found our seats. Music was playing loud. There were booklets under our seats for us to write down what we thought of each speaker. Then Before we knew it two people came running out. They were the hosts Liz and Jason. They told us about what was going to happen that day. The first speaker was William Pike. He was a mountaineer who had tragically lost his leg when Mount Ruapehu erupted. The next speaker was Riley Hathaway. A 19 year old girl who along with her dad had created Young Ocean Explorers. Her dad went around taking photos of ocean wildlife, and she helped along with doing her own thing. After that Kayla Whitelock came on stage (a black sticks to chat with Liz and Jason. They asked her questions like 

“Why did you want to become a black sticks player?” 

Kayla had gone to four olympic games and was hoping to go to her fifth next year. Once Kayla had finished answering questions the hosts introduced Okirano Tilaia. An eighteen year old samoan from Christchurch. He told us that in order to know who we were we needed to find our why (Why do we get up in the morning?) Who are our ancestors, and something I can’t remember………He was really passionate about helping people. When he had finished Josie Moon a singer songwriter from Wellington came and talked about how she found her love for music. After that she hyped us up as she sang two of her original songs. (My voice hurt afterwards)

And that was NYLD Palmertson North 2020!

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