What a fantastic day we had at our annual Pet and Craft day this year. The weather was phenomenal despite some rain forecast (thankfully that waited until 2:30pm!).

A huge thank you to our judges – Miranda from River Valley and Becca and Hannah from Growing Future Farmers. They were all VERY impressed with the quality of entries in both the craft and pet sections.

Also a big thank you to all of our community members who came out to support our tamariki. They had a great time sharing their skills with you all and judging the adult cupcake decorating competition of course!

The vege / fruit creations were my personal favourite where we had ‘If a Penguin got Botox’, McD’s Burger and Fries, Taihape Waka, Barny the Dolphin, Olly the Octopus, a frightening zombie, a halloween pumpkin, a snowman and sauce and chips.

Craft Day Prizes:

Year 4-8 Section

Best Decorated Cupcake: Charlie James

Best Sand Saucer: Rickon Gilbert

Best Novelty Flower Arrangement: Grace Gilbert

Best Fruit / Vege Creation: Kawana Cashell-Kavanagh

Best DIY Project: Keeva Harrison and Luca Megaw-Kopua (combined entry).

Preschool-Year 3 Section

Best Decorated Biscuit: Lennon Kopua

Best Sand Saucer: Johnan Gilbert

Best Novelty Flower Arrangement: Johnan Gilbert

Best Fruit / Vege Creation: Maddie Taylor

Best DIY Project: Maddie Taylor

Pet Day Prizes:

Dog Section:

Best Calling: Keeva Harrison and Luca Megaw-Kopua

Best Leading: Te Awa Lacy

Biggest Dog: Lennon Kopua

Smallest Dog: Luca Megaw-Kopua

Most Original Name: Maddie Taylor (Munter) and Rickon Gilbert (Buster).

Best Trick: Te Awa Lacy

Lamb Section:

Best Calling: Te Rau Lacy and Johnan Gilbert

Best Leading: Maddie Taylor and Kawana Cashell-Kavanagh

Biggest Lamb: Maddie Taylor

Smallest Lamb: Grace Gilbert

Most Original Name: Mikaire Edwards (Bob) and Kawana Cashell-Kavanagh (Chris)

Best Dressed Overall:

Charlie James and Johnan Gilbert

Adult Prize:

Best Decorated Cupcake – chosen by blind student vote…….Melissa Megaw and Ramona Gilbert

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