Farewell to the Peacocks

Today we farewelled Zara, Lily and Henry. They are off to experience new adventures in the bay. We will miss you.


Le Quesnoy

Rafting Trip 2019

The best bit about the rafting trip was swimming in the river because we had so much fun. I liked sleeping in the tent. Rickon

I liked bombing  off the rock at lunch time. I liked hunting for cicadas in the forest. Lily

I liked swimming in the water and jumping off the rock. Henry

When the school went rafting and stopped at the campsite the adults said we could go into the bush. Henry, Zara, Lily and I found forty cicada skins. I found out they could stick to my clothing. Hunter

I liked when my mum was holding me when I jumped off I made a big bomb. I loved rafting! It was fun when my mum and I went swimming down the rapid. It was fun when my mum and I went down the river in the duckie. The food was delicious! =) Zara

Our school went on a raft trip at river valley lodge, we went on the Rangitikei river. It was very fun when we went swimming and in the mini world pool! Our school and I enjoyed it very much, and we are thankful to the raft guides, our principal and all the parent helpers. Annie.

Our Pukeokahu school raft trip was at River valley lodge. When we had all arrived we got the appropriate river gear and sat down for the safety briefing. Then soon after that it was time to get on the river! For me the highlight of it all was flipping the raft I shared with my sister! As soon as we got to camp we all: Ran, jumped, climbed, collected cicada shells and explored the bush around us. I am looking forward to next time! =)       Isla.

On the raft trip Isla and I went on the ducky. On one of the rapids we flipped and I ended up under the ducky. After a bit we went into big-red. Then Miranda and Mrs Casey went into the ducky.   Keeva

Christmas Party 2018

Last night we held the Pukeokahu Christmas party at the local hall. Chrissie came to help the children with their singing.

Awards were given out to Pippa for ‘The Pupil Who Most Displays the Pukeokahu School Values, to Kawana (who was unable to attend) for ‘the Pupil Who Shows the Most Improvement’ and to Tiana our leaving Year 8.

Then the ‘main event’ Santa and Mrs Claus. Thank you for dropping by you two.

See you all next year.

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School.