In this picture Kawana,Tiana,Tor and me are getting ready for an amazing Kapa Haka song. We are at  REAP in Taihape and  we are wearing our fabulous school uniform. Isla

Yesterday at R.E.A.P we had an amazing day. The first haka I learnt was the thrilling kamate.  Bayden  doing the pukana with his mates.


Pippa and I are in the photo we are weaving a four plait tassel for a poi. It was a great day.  Keeva



At kapa haka Tiana, Isla and Victoria were plaiting  four strands of wool into a rope for a  poi. Next term we will make the ball part of the poi.  Victoria  


Yesterday it was kapa haka. This is a photo of some of  the girls plaiting the rope for some poi. Pippa


On the 3rd July it was Kapahaka. Victoria, Holly and I were the kuias. In this photo we are doing E Rere Taku Poi. I am swinging my poi around in circles. It was a fun day. Tiana



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