Yesterday Pukeokahu School and some of the Playgroup went to River Valley Lodge to measure the trees we planted two years ago.

fullsizeoutput_bf2Then we all down to the old slip area, behind the Lodge’s  vegetable garden, and Brian Megaw showed us how to plant a native tree.


All the trees had been spaced out ready for us to plant so we went and stood beside the first tree we wanted to plant. Brian and Janey dug the holes for us so we could plant them.

First we put in a fertiliser pellet at the bottom of the clay, then we covered it with soil. We measured the plant in the hole to make sure it was deep enough and then we took the plant out of its pot, loosen it’s roots and then placed it carefully in the hole.


Then we packed soil all around the plant. A coconut pad was put around the little plant to stop the grass from growing over it.


The next step was to put a plastic tube around the plant and then put four canes inside the tube to hold it in place.


Once we had finished our first tree we were able to go and plant another. We planted about five or six trees each. We will be going back to check on them.

Tor, Kawana and Pippa


My mum is in the photo. She is digging a hole for me to plant a tree. It was so much fun. One of my friends was helping me. Keeva

On July the fourth, 2017 we went down to the slippy and slidey native tree area, of River Valley Lodge, where we last planted trees. They were taller than us now. When Isabel and I went to see our flax  Isabel said “ run from the pink zombie!’’ the pink zombie was Pippa. Then we went to our next  tree planting area on the old slip. There were a lot of trees, but we did not get them all done. At the end Isla thanked Brian.  Bayden


Two years ago Pukeokahu school planted lots and lots of trees at the lodge. So on the 4th of July we went back to measure them.  All of us hopped in the cars and went down to the golf course and walked up a big hill. My Grandad (Brian) showed us how to plant a native tree. First you dig a hole and put the plant in it to see if it is the right size hole. Then you put a fertilizer tablet in the hole and put some dirt on top. After you pull off the pot if it doesn’t budge squeeze around the pot and pull the roots of the soil. Then you need to place the tree in the hole and place soil around it. (If you see worms in that’s good).  Afterwards you place the coconut pad around the tree. Place a plastic tube over the tree and put for bamboo sticks into the coconut padding. Once you have done that you are finished and ready to start all over. That was a really fun day we will come back there in two years time and see how big they’ve grown. I thanked Brian, my Grandad, for letting us plant all of the trees.  Isla


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