Visit from Chengdu School

On Sunday 9th February, Chengdu School visited us from Chengdu,  China. The night before the visit,  the boys slept in our classroom and the girls stayed at River Valley. On the way to school in the morning, they went to visit John Gilbert’s wool shed and Tom Harrison shore a sheep for them. Everyone was amazed. – they hadn’t been that close to sheep before (they are from a city with 16 million people) .

After the sheep got shorn they walked up to school and we welcomed them with a powhiri. They joined in when we sang Te Aroha. Then we continued our bracket. After we had finished we taught them Ngatai (a colour song). Then they showed us two beautiful dances. Before they left they gave us a few special gift from Chengdu and we thanked them in Mandarin.

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Our new look school.

Laying the new carpet and lino is now complete and the furniture replaced. Thanks to the board members, parents, ex-parents and one ex pupil who helped to restore the class and admin areas back to normal.


All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School.

Working bee

Pukeokahu School is getting a revamp – new carpet and lino. Last night we had a mini working bee to shift the furniture from the staffroom and admin areas into the classroom, so the carpet layers can continue. Thank you to the volunteers (army style) who rolled up their sleeves and heaved fridges, furniture, library & reading books, filing cabinets and all the miscellaneous boxes and folders that lurk in a school’s admin areas.

Same again next week guys?

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School.

School photos


Today it was our school photos. Pippa and I had our sibling photos. The background was under a tree with a golden glow, from the sun, behind the tree. Tor

Bernie the photographer came to our school to take pictures of us and our siblings. I had a photo with my sibling Keeva. It was really fun. Isla

Yesterday Bernie Nepe came and took our school photo as well as individual and sibling photos. The Kavanaghs went first because I had to go to PTP. Tiana

Kapahaka Festival

All year we have been working with Papanui and Mangaweka schools, and whaea Leah, on Matauranga Maori. On the twenty third of November, the three schools  went to the Kapahaka Festival in Raetihi to demonstrate all that we have achieved this year. After the powhiri we were given a class room to get ready in and to have a final practise. Then we waited in line until one of the pre school groups had their turn. Finally it was our turn. Once we were on stage we didn’t feel nervous any more. After everyone had stopped clapping Tor led us for our first song, Te Aroha. We did five songs that were exciting to sing. The audience gave us a huge pakipaki.

After the festival we went to the Waiouru pool for a swim. We had an amazing day and can’t wait until next year.

Written by Pukeokahu School.



Pet Day 2017

Pet Day is fun, although the animals pee and poop everywhere. They did cool tricks and we lead our pets around to get judged. Kawana and Bayden.

On Pet Day I took Tome and Isla took Kate. I dressed up Tome up in a devil outfit and Isla dressed Kate up as a Queen. I won best groomed with Tome. Isla

On craft day we put a glass in a old gum boot and we arranged flowers to put in the glass in the gum boot,. Next we did our sand garden. We used lots of decorations from home, and decorated the whole sand garden until there was not much sand showing in the silver tray. After that we decorated the cup cake and put icing on top with lots of delicious colours. Next we put on sparkles and decorations like chocolate chunks. Then we did the confectionary necklace by using  lollies and icing instead of using a glue gun or pva glue.  We also did a vegetable and fruit animal creation, we had to use tooth picks to stand the vegetable or fruit up. Then we did the unusual flower arrangement with all sorts of weird things to place the flowers inside. 

The next day was Pet day. There were lambs, dogs, puppies,  a chicken and a calf. First the lambs went and the competitions were, hungriest, best calling, best led, best name. Then the dogs had their turn. They had, best led, best name, most obedient, best groomed, and calling. After that was most unusual pet, and the chicken won. After all of the pets were done we had best dressed pet, and best tricks. Once the competitions were over there were parents vs children challenge and races. Before the challenges we had a sausage sizzle and then we ate our lollies and cup cakes. It was YUMMY! Then we packed up and went home to relax. Tiana, Isla and Tor  


The Vegetable Garden


Today we did some gardening. First we pulled out the weeds, then we turned over the soil. We have decided we would have strawberries, rainbow silverbeet, carrots, tomatoes and beetroot.

Hopefully we will get to eat the strawberries before the birds get there.







On October the 20th we drew up a plan on the little whiteboard of what we are going to plant in our school garden. Then we went outside and started to pull out all the bad weeds growing in our special garden – Tiana and I did that. Then we turned the soil over with two gardening forks and a shovel. Kawana and Bayden worked on the snow pea pots. After that we started to clean up another part of our garden. Keeva and Tor did a part and Tiana and Pippa did a part. Then I had to put away the worm gloves and put the small gardening fork back in Mrs Gilbert’s car. I am excited about planting all  the vegetables we decided on.      Isla



Today, which is the nineteenth of October, we went outside and did some gardening. Three of us had gloves on, including Mrs Gilbert. Every one had to dig up the garden. We pulled out the weeds and mixed up all the soil. We had to use a gardening fork to mash up the big chunks of soil. Kawana, and Pippi pulled some weeds out behind the bushes. Bayden pulled out some weeds from three gardens.        Tor, Pippa and Tiana


Yesterday  I pulled a big weed out. I also flattened  the dirt. My favourite plant is yummy strawberries.       Keeva            


Watch out for part 2 next week.

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu School.