We have been reading the book Slime. In the story Ned finds 100s of jars of gunk in his sisters room. One of our tasks last week was to make our own gunk. Today we finally got to make it.

There were things like cornflour, hair gel, washing powder, soap, dish liquid, food colouring and sand used to make all kinds of different gunks.

This type of playful learning helps the children foster the key competencies. While they were building the gunk they had to make decisions, share equipment and ideas with others. They needed to be creative and use their imagination about what gunk may be made from.

Watch this space for their gunk recipes.

Below are some photos of the gunk making process.

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Today we made pizza as part of our learning about fractions. We had to answer some maths questions to unlock the pizza ingredients first.

Each person got to make their own pizza and add the toppings they wanted.

Chapter Chat

Today we took part in our first Chapter Chat which is about the book called Slime by David Walliams.

Here are some photos of us chatting on Twitter and some of the activities we created.

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The Last Cooking Day for Term Two

It is really fun cooking. We are going to make pavlova. We had to separate the egg whites from the yolks and then beat the whites for ten minutes – we took turns to put in the sugar a spoonful at a time. Once it was mixed we added cornflour and white vinegar. When it was done it looked like fluffy marshmallow, and we put it in the oven to cook for one hour.

While the pavlova was cooking we made quesadillas with lots of delicious ingredients such as chicken, ham, carrots and cheese We topped them with sour cream sweet chilli sauce and chillies.

After the quesadillas we whipped the cream, put it on the pavlova and enjoyed a yummy dessert. The last job of the day was the dishes.

Tyrese, Isla, Keeva, Luca, Mikaire and Rickon.

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On Tuesday we went to the army museum and Waiouru pools with Papanui Junction School. We learnt about WW1 and WW2. It was a really fun day. We learnt some gun drills and we got to climb on the army tanks. It was fun looking at the guns. The purple poppies are for the animals that served in war. There was a chicken called Lulu who alerted the soldiers when there were planes and helicopters coming, by going crazy.

After all our learning we went down to the pools.

Thank you Mrs Revell for inviting us to share the day with your school

Tyrese, Isla, Keeva, Luca, Mikaire and Rickon

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Sports with Moawhango School-

Last Friday Sports Whanganui and Moawhango School came to Pukeokahu! Because of the weather, we couldn’t play as many outside games as we hoped.

At the beginning we played games where we had to work together. We did both sports games and team building games, which helped us to become friends with the other school. We played a lot of really fun games.

Isla, Keeva, Luca, Hunter and Rickon.

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Winter Project 2020

Here we are making peggy squares, using wool from the Sheep’s Back. Pukeokahu school loves the Sheep’s Back wool. We have been winding the shanks of wool into balls. We have made a lot of peggy squares from their wool. At the rate we are going we will have a lot of peggy squares by the end of this year. Once we have made enough we will make blankets for some lucky new born babies. The Sheep’s Back knitting kit is a great winter activity. We all enjoy sitting down and knitting.

Thank you Sheep’s Back for supplying us with the knitting essentials.

Tyrese, Isla, Keeva, Luca, Hunter, Mikaire, and Rickon.

All photos remain the property of Pukeokahu school.

Meet our new principal – Stacey Buchanan

Yesterday our new principal, Stacey Buchanan, came to spend the day with us. We are looking forward to her teaching us next term. Wonder what she has got in store for us? We know she is good at sport so maybe she can teach us all her tricks. Hopefully Stacey will keep on with our cooking and gardening.

The class

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Rural Swimming Sports 2020

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Well done to all the children. It was a great day and they all had fun.


Isla – 2nd 1 length Freestyle, 2 length freestyle, 2 length backstroke, 1 length breaststroke, 2 length breaststroke, 1 length butterfly, 4 length medley. 3rd 1 length backstroke

Keeva – 1st 1 length breaststroke, 1 length freestyle, 2 length breaststroke, 3 length medley, 3rd. 1 length backstroke

Luca – 4th 1 length breaststroke, 3 length medley, 5th 1 length backstroke, 1 length freestyle